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We are very glad to be able to offer you our services to assist with your fundraising efforts. We at Bakehouse on Bond have had a long history of supporting organisations in making profitable solutions for your fundraising needs.


For us to be able to offer our great prices and for you to make the best returns we do need to have orders well in advance and please note that we can only supply fundraising on Thursday afternoons. A final order will need to be sent to us at least one week prior to ensure a smooth event.


We will give you an order form for you to print out and photocopy to use for sales people to receive their orders and compile the final numbers. This form can then be used by the organisers to send in the final numbers to us via email. We have also attached a copy of our price list. Please note that these prices are inclusive of GST.


Delivery information will be discussed prior to the event. Please note that any bread crates supplied to you on delivery will need to be returned or must be charged for. We also ask for Bank Deposit prior to delivery or Cash or Cheque on delivery please.



Please do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries that you may have or further information you may need.


The Bakehouse team are happy to help!



We make our fundraising products to the same quality as the products we sell in our shops, which means you can guarantee quality goods when you fundraise with our products. You also get to choose what products you would like to include in your fundraising.

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